About us

WANCO Electric and Machinery Pte Ltd was formed in 2008 and fully supported and backed by the WAN Brothers Pte Ltd. The main purpose of the company is to offer a complete range of electrical hardware material for the routing of surface or cast-in-situ electrical cabling in the domestic, industrial and commercial premises under the brand name WANCO.


To All Singaporeans,

On 6th Dec 2018, Wanco Electric Pte Ltd posted a recruitment advertisement for a Sales Admin Position on this facebook group which has an unintentional error that contain discriminatory error that stated (Female).

An amendment was made immediately when the error came to our attention.

We have taken steps to ensure persons who create and post advertisements are fully aware of the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TGFEP) to prevent such postings from happening again.

We hereby affirm and assures our commitment towards fair employment and supports the TGFEP mission.

We sincerely apologize for the error and thank you for your kind patience and understanding for any offence caused.

Clement Teo


Our Goal

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

WANCO’s Full Service

Wanco’s one-stop service gives you complete control over the sourcing, distribution, sales, delivery and after-sales services. In addition, our attention to detail and quality of work, paired with years of industry experience, make us your perfect partner to produce outstanding results. We also offer a significant security advantage to you as we are the only organization with trusted and experienced key staff involved in the product sales. It also means effective cost control and short lead times between sales and deliveries.

Material Resources

One of the major benefits of adopting WANCO products for your project is the cost effectiveness associated with our continuous supply from our sources. Our company works with more than a single source for every item and our focus is to work directly with factories in different countries. This safeguards our long-term supplies and also to maintain even and economical prices.

The experience gained from working with these factories puts us in the position to provide valuable advice in the conceptual design stage of a new product’s development, if required by our clients. In addition, WANCO has a 10,000 square foot warehouse space located at No 6, First Lok Yang Road in the Jurong Industrial Estate, so as to maintain a stock level to cater to the needs of our many clients.

Because of this and with the security aspect of our in-house expertise extends to special product combinations to match project readiness. This would not be available if products were to be sourced from a third-party supplier, whose sole responsibility to generate more sales of products.

Quality Assurances

WANCO has a policy to continuously search for and investigation new sources of supply to ensure superior product quality and dispatch integrity. Our quality assurance program ensures that all products continuously conform to standards, from when it was sourced to when it is awaiting delivery at our warehouse. Most of our products are being tested and certificate by 3rd party certification board, such as PSB, to ensure all the specifications are strictly met.

Excellent Customer Service

WANCO will always provide on time delivery to meet the dynamic requirements of a project. From order taking to deliveries, we ensure all products are sent out to esteemed customers on time. Before- and after-sales service is paramount to us, and constantly ingrained into our staff. All WANCO personnel are well-equipped with deep product knowledge and trained in the marketing and sales aspect of our products. Lastly, all product queries are important to us, no matter the size and scale of it.